Forex And Crypto Auto Trading

What is Managed Forex Accounts?

A type of forex account in which a money manager  

trades the account on a clients behalf for a fee.

Managed Forex Accounts are similar to hiring a investment advisor

to manage the investment of a investor.

We Manage Forex Accounts Using Our Automated System

Earn 10%-30% Monthly Returns

Minimum Deposit $500

Login: 1235532546

Password: ABTMpamY

Server name: EGlobalTrade-Demo

To Open a Forex Account Visit Below link

 Making money from auto trading system crypto robot. 


1)100 USDT to activate, getting 0.5-2% daily profit. Let your money work for you.

2)Creating API and binding from your BINANCE / HUOBI into your RoyalQ Robot. 

3)Top up money to your Binance, getting 10-30% profit monthly.

4)All your money is in your Binance account  safe and secure

Call or whatsapp +917892140499 For more details

Binance registration link

Royal Q registration link



For Details  +917892140499


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